Story of My lifeMature

Rough Draft, just wanted to vent... and I know I'm a white ass #@@#% that can't rap, but honestly the 'point' of rap anymore is just to **%&! and moan.. so I figured it'd work.

Raised as most intelligent

Beratted to a mendicant

My ability to far surpass is

surpressed by my lazy ass


I can try and try, perhaps try again,

but God just knows there is no end

as Futures come and futures go,

I'm pretty sure mines no show.


My girlfriend likes me for my wit,

no, not my dick, just for my wit,

She'd rather have another clit,

and frankly I'm not full of it


A Soldier with no future, be a loner,

not a doner, gonna lose composer, end up spread eagle

out in prone waiting on a tank to mow his ass over


and that'll be me, don't give a shit, spot in the sand,

makin' ends me shooting up the land for

oppressive government officials, calling themselves fucking liberals


when really they couldn't give a shit but idealize the state of what

they figure dictates their fucked up side,

and when it ends,

we'll all just die.


So as they're pissing off the Middle East,

or shipping nukes to Vietnamese,

This future soldier with no Future

who never could control his school work

and failed in classes we 'knew' he could do


will bite a bullet,

just to save you.

The End

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