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Okay, so it's getting increasingly hard to keep track of all of my stories (there probably aren't that much, I've just gotten distracted) so this is where I'm putting the names and descriptions and stuff, for the sake of my sanity. I'll list them all on the first page and then have ones following that up, a page for each story, with more detail and stuff. Also, they aren't in any particular order within their sections.

The ones with '>' in front of them are a few of my more recent ones, and the ones I'm focusing on lately.


Here we go:

Let's Kill TonightAideen and Ethan grow up in the rough part of London. Then, Ethan doesn't. He leaves, in a way. And Aideen has never claimed to be a hero (even when she is one). An oddly-long one-shot.

> The Nuances of Loneliness: Two teenagers attempt to figure themselves out. Sort of a modern-day story following their lives.

Dreams Lie Sleeping (NaNoWriMo 2014): A skeleton in a suit named Ezekiel and a bunch of people try to figure out what Life is up to. A fantasy-style story.

> Oh Captain, My Captain: About a squad of spies, and their history. Telling their story and following them. Espionage, I guess.

Agents of C.A.R.D.Spin-off of Oh Captain, My Captain. Basically just about the other people who work at CARD but who aren't Archers.

> Budapest: About a non-binary teenager named Quinn, whose preferred pronoun is 'they'. When they meet Lucas, everything seems to change. About their lives.

> To Be Human: Buchanan's metal arm makes things difficult sometimes. Anne and Sebastian, who seem to have come from space, do not help. Fantasy, I suppose.

> I Know You: Pandora Elixe and Blaire Munda don't meet on them best of terms - Blaire is tired and crabby from traveling. Later, though, becoming friends starts to become a somewhat feasible idea. Situated in a boarding school. 

Wolf Heart: A short story, just a stand-alone. About a girl named Fey who gets lost in the woods and meets a hunter named Artemis. Just their meeting, and subsequent second meeting. 

A-Okay: An asexual teenager talking about her best friend. A stand-alone, too.

Burn It (What Happened When the Plague Hit): When a lethal illness hits the world, spreading quickly and killing off millions, a small group of people survive. Sort of apocalyptic, dystopian-world.

Save MeLuci has some issues. Most of which Alicia has to deal with. Unwillingly. The story of someone who's given up. It's a bit depressing, though.

Welcome To My Mind (Be Warned Of Its Occupants)Eve has a world inside her head. One that nobody has ever seen before. It's called Dāto-Machi. There, she's called Ayamè, and she has a city with two occupants: Asuka and Hideki. Until everything changes. Sort of a fantasy-thing, i guess?


Stories that are either abandoned or are most likely not ever going to be finished/continued

Heat Is OverratedCrack, really. Not ever meant to be serious, just something lighthearted when I felt like writing but I was tired. About a girl who becomes Jack Frost. Well, Jaq Frost.

Fly By NightA girl who's trapped in a never-ending cycle of boredom in her everyday world falls asleep one day and discovers that there is so much more. 

To Be Loved As An Alien In This WorldA small little thing, just about a girl whose skin is blue. Sci-fi? Maybe? If I continued it?

The Girl Who Dances With Wolves: Fae wanders out into the inky recesses of the Srbrny Woods accidentally one day, with her friend Aaden. Something small changes, but in a little Polish town smack-dab in the middle of a forest, west of Nowhere and south of Who The Hell Knows, small things matter. A bit of legend, I suppose.


Stories that I really do not like and were written a while ago so don't judge. Don't read these, they're really not very good. The only reason they're here is so I can keep track. Some of the above could also be moved to this catagory, but I'm lazy *flops*

Those Who FallMore of a concept idea, one that I never used. I really only got the character listings formed.

Royals and Spaces

The Academy [Temporary Title]


*claps hands together*

Well. That's it, people.

The End

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