Stop the Clock

It would need a guitar, drums, and bass, a piano perhaps, and Chimes.

Stop the clock
Everything is going by
Too fast for me
And yet here I am,
Wasting time.

Is it true that time is money?
If it is then I’m dead broke
And my debt is weighing on me
Like a rock
I must push past all my distractions
Though it’s harder than it seems
To run this race against time,
Against the clock

Stop the clock
Hold back the hour hand
From striking midnight
Time is running slow
With every grain of sand
Upon the pile

In the hourglass of now and then
How we’ve been, oh what to do
How much time have we to lose?
Oh, we can choose
Between just a second, or just two
It’s up to you
Time still moves.

Is the third time really lucky?
Can you be saved by a bell?
For the time being,
There is no time like the present
But while time will wait for no man
You must take time in your own hands
For the best of times don’t come
Twenty-four seven.

Stop the clock
Turn back the Wheels of Time
Another moment
I can’t help
But feel unsteady in time’s
Never-ending march

The candlewick is burning low
The sundial is turning slow
The sun fades in the distance
In the sky, and time moves by
The pendulum swings back and forth
The church bells chime out,
Just once more
But the moment’s gone
And time
Moves on.

The End

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