Stop Running

I know this is a really long song but it's actually not when your saying it in your head, it just looks a whole lot longer than it is. Also, this is not a true's just something I wrote. :)

Chorus Once

Dad, why do you hurt mum?

Dad, why do we run?

Why do we hide when you're on your way home?

Why does mum takes sides when you're on the phone?

Dad, why do you hurt mummy?

Dad, when can we stop running?


Verse One

This song is for kids all around the world

Kids that make the most of what they have, themselves

Even if they didn't ask for it, they still have it

Even if they didn't want it, they're stuck with it

Alcohol abuse or any other kind is selfish

Even if their reason being 'they can't help it'

It's all lies, it will happen again starting now

Throw in a kid and it turns upside down

You knew he was abusive but you chose to stay

You had his baby and wonder why he's still the same

Oh that's right, because he told you he would change

He told you he would be a man for the baby's sake

But listen up all the mothers that can't handle it

You all deserve a nice guy and you can all have it

Don't go thinking that you have to be rich

To get the perfect man of your dreams


Chorus Once


Verse Two

A little boy named Zachary grew up in a house of three

He had two younger brothers but he seemed to be

The favourite of his mums new chief

The man, the stranger led into his home

Made him feel prisoner and left him so alone

Chief liked him too much and his mother knew about it

She knew what went on behind her back when it did

In fact she took place in a place so sick

It wasn't right, but little Zach didn't know this

When you think, he's only a twelve year old kid

All he knows to be right is in his home of three

And this is what he grew up seeing

He spent half his life watching his mum get beat

The other half of his life was spent listening

Even when he hid

There was nothing he could do to get rid, of it

He used to create a tent on his bed

Using the covers, he used to pretend

He used to fly away to a place so safe

The darkness of the room as someone covers his face

He was taken away from a place so safe


Chorus Once


Verse Three

Little Zachary isn't little, he's now a teen

And at seventeen, he's seen all he needs to see

He's ready for change in his home, so he

Got angry and one day he said

'no longer will they use me and mess with my head'

'no longer will they keep me at their arms length'

'all I ever wanted was some love'

'just some affection from my mum, with a hug'

'but if she can pick a man over me then forget it'

'because one day she'll be wishing that she didn't'

'and that one day is today'

'I'm ready to be a criminal, okay'

So he grabbed a knife from the kitchen block

Before his mum and the chief got home

The chief steps in, comes towards in

Searching for the power he has lost in him

Then Zach pulls out the knife and shouts

'power isn't something you can choose to have'

'God chooses who to give it to and I have it now'

The chief stares and is clearly on edge

Zachary laughs to himself and says

'wow look at you squirm'

'every inch of you is shaking at each word'

'well you know what, I'm ready for my revenge'

'I'm ready for your life to come to an end'

'and I'll be the witness that witnesses your death'

So he shines the knife in the light

Stares straight into the chiefs eyes

Every inch of hatred and anger left his mind

Because to see him squirm was worth more than a dime

And with that, he dropped the knife onto the floor

The man looks confused and watches on some more

Zach shoves past him and stops at the front door

Backpack packed and on his back

He looks back and has one last shout

'ha, look show's got the power now'




Verse Four

The police raided Zachary's old home in Hampton

And his fight for justice nearly never happened

Because he never believed in criminal justice, but this had to be

His brothers were sent to another member of the family

His mum and chief were prosecuted and turned up at court

Little did they know that Zachary was quite smart

And at seventeen he had a mind made of gold

The hidden camera in his room had everything they needed to know

It was the hardest thing for him to show

But he showed it in the court and justice was shown

16 years jail time for the man

10 year jail time for the lady he called mum

10 years for her because she took place in their wicked fun

Zachary could have gone down the deep dark road

He could have killed him off and left him but he has a soul

And a conscience of his own that is connected to the soul

Because one man dead would leave another man sold

Sold to the Devil and the world would never know

But he didn't go that way and he didn't end up

Inside the Devil's palm

It just shows that you never need luck

You just have to be tough


The End

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