Stop Giving 5* Ratings, Cassandra!

I guess this is me, proclaiming to the world that I'm going to be a little different from now on. :)

I am insecure. To top that off, I'm also a dichotomous perfectionist.

Recently, you'll probably find that most of my works are unable to be rated. That's because up til a couple months ago, I was so obsessed with receiving good ratings that I was sometimes afraid to write. The perfectionistic side of me told me that if I didn't receive a 5* rating on absolutely everything, my writing was a piece of crap, if you'll pardon the term.

Needless to say, I don't like being afraid of writing. I prefer making my pieces ratingless because I know that if a number is attached to something I write, it'll directly affect the way I view myself as a writer. The only exceptions to this are novels, since novels are my "comfort zone," and I have a much easier time accepting critique in that area.

Okay. Now that you have a bit of background, I want to tell you my resolve.

I want to stop being a slap-happy 5* ratings-giver. Despite the awkward phrasing of the former sentence, I'm dead serious. Do you know what my author stats thing says? It's says that I've given out over 1200 ratings (I think I've got the number right) for an average of 4.98. 4.98! That's kind of screwed up. In addition, I want to learn to gracefully accept less-than-desirable ratings (which, being a perfectionist, means anything less than a whopping 5 stars) when I receive them.

I want to be honest instead of giving out perfect ratings so that I'll receive them. Because ultimately, a rating doesn't give a writing its worth. A rating is simply someone's opinion of what I've written. And I'm a big girl; I can deal with that.

If I honestly believe a work is perfect, I'll give it five stars. But the truth is, the majority of works out there aren't perfect. So I'll be honest about that.

I honestly don't know what this piece of writing is. A confessional, maybe? An open resolve? Whatever it is, I'm not seeking critique. I'm seeking to share my thoughts. But I'm also not going around, giving out ratings just so I can exercise my new philosophy - that's taking advantage of the rating system, too. If you want critique, I'll give it. Otherwise, I'll keep my mouth shut. No sense adopting a new way of abusing the rating system.

I believe that Protagonize isn't about 5* ratings. It's not about the Top Ten. It's not about giving out high ratings so that I can receive them. Protagonize is about writing. And I'm going to start using the ratings to improve Protagonize, not using Protagonize to improve my ratings.

And maybe, by stopping the whole "Mr. Nice Guy" thing I've got going on, I'll let others know that it's okay to do the same.

You're not a rating. You're a writer.

The End

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