I am sure that we have all felt this way at one time or another. I am considering making the third verse the chorus. Let me know what you think, if you want.

I remember sitting in that oak tree.

Watching life float by,

On the back of a kite in the sky.

I dreamed of being strong, 

And fighting off the terrors of the world.

And now, how could I have been so wrong.


The memories are fading. 

Those kind words of inspirations,

Are falling through the cracks.

And all I hear is the scorn of disappointment,

The empty screams shouted at me.


I want to live life my way.

To fight the battles I create, 

To paint the pictures that I draw,

And to cross the bridges that I build.


The mistakes made

Are the lessons I must learn.

Each day I hold my head up. 

Trying  the best I can

To keep from crumbling, 

And crying tears of hidden pain.

Suffering  alone without a gain. 


So now, I climb back to the safest place I know.

Clinging to the branches,

To feel the winds of hope,

Rock me back and forth, 

And I brace myself for the coming storm.

The End

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