Steamy Romance by Michelle Hughes

Discover the dark passion of Michelle Hughes, Romance Author.

If dark romance is your idea of incredible reading, I invite you to step into my world of seduction. Currently, I have six titles available with three others debuting in 2013. For the paranormal book lovers, My Tears of Crimson may be just what you're looking for: A Night at Tears of Crimson, Eternal Crimson, and Six Nights with Gabe are all available now.

For those that loved the Fifty Shades of Grey saga, but wished it went a little deeper into the world of BDSM, try my Forbidden Desire's Series: 10 Nights, and Beyond 10 Nights Available now. Also Undercover Submissive has a BDSM theme and is available as well, adding a little suspense to your romance reading pleasure.

For Historical Romance lovers, Defying the Sheikh is a Novella that takes you into the world of a Sheikh and a little lady who discovers that passion sometimes overrules the morals of what one considers right or wrong.

Debuting in 2013, Angela's Salvation. When a woman with an abusive past who's been running from her previous life for five years gets the opportunity to appear on a televised singing showcase where all her dreams might come true, will the road to fame be worth the agony of coming face to face with her nightmares again.

The new contemporary romance goes behind the scenes of the music industry and delves into the lives of two incredible people who have the chance for happily ever after, but the price they will have to pay to obtain it my end in heartbreak.

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