Chorus 1
Where do I stand,
In this game of life?
Where do I stand,
In a group of friends?
Where do I stand,
Whenever I am sad?
Where do I stand-e-and?
Where do I stand?

I’m lookin’ over my goals,
I’m tryin’ to figure my plan.
I don’t know where I’m goin’,
But I’ll know when I am there.
And I’m still not sure…

Chorus 1

I’m sittin’ in my room,
Thinkin’ does he love me, too?
But why oh why oh why oh why,
Is it so hard to explain?
The only way I know,
Is through my song—

Chorus 1
Listen, Listen…..Listen to me
Listen with your ears,
Please don’t tell me no.
I need to understand,
Where your comin’ from.
Please wait til I am done.
Maybe then you’ll understand.
That I,

Chorus 2

That I’m standing with you,
In this game of life.
And I’m standing with you,
In a group of friends.
And I’m standing with you,
When I am sad.
Stand with you X2
I’m standing with you,
Thats all I need to know.

The End

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