Spoken- scene fiveMature


(Enter Alice in hooded sweater to classroom)

Teacher: Alanna! Put your hood down, you know that hats and hoods are against school policy. Just because you believe yourself to be above the rest of us does not make you an exception!

(Alice hesitantly pulls her hood down to reveal many bruises and scratches across her face)

Teacher: what are you waiting for? Do you expect me to show sympathy because your drug habits got you into a fight?

(Alice looks down and takes her seat, the other girls giggling)

Teacher: And would you please remove your sweater as well, I don’t want you hiding your crimes

(Alice looks up fearfully)

Teacher: go on

(Alice unzips her sweater and removes it, hanging it over the back of her chair, showing more bruises on the back of her neck and arms)

Teacher: my my, we HAVE been naughty, stand up so I can take a look at you

(Alice closes her eyes and stands up, revealing arms and wrists littered with cuts and bruises)

Teacher: well well, we’ll discuss this after class won’t we? Possibly with the principal?

(Alice shakes her head)

Teacher: well then I’ll just have to fail you on the test that you disrupted by your lateness, which, I’m sure you didn’t study for anyways, so you might as well leave now

(Alice leaves wiping her eyes on the back of her hand)

Sarah: We’ll see you after class

(Alice runs)

The End

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