Spoken- scene fourMature


(Stage is set as a living room, alice walks in and the girls all give cheery hello’s and giggle a lot)

Sarah: omg I’m so glad you could come! We’ve got a special plan for you tonight! I"m sure you’re going to have tones of fun!

(Girls giggle in backround)

Alice: (laughes in a bit of a forced way) thanks for inviting me

Sarah: hehe no problemo girl! Here, have a seat, we’re just about to do makeovers!

(Forces alice into a sitting possition and looks Alice up and down)

Sarah: well we can’t make you over if you’re all covered up like that!

Nicky: here, lets take off that sweater for you girl (goes to tug it off)

Alice: (pulls back sharply) no!

Nicky: oh come on girl! It’s just a sweater, we’ll give it back!

(Alex giggles)

( Katie rips the sweater off of Alice, who gasps a little, Alice’s arms are covered in red cuts, Girls all gasp and recoil)

Katie: what happened to you?!

Alice: I.... I... My cat scratched me

Katie (gets a look of realization) oh my good! You’re like... EMO!

Girls: giggle

Alex: do you have any more? (Giggles)

Sarah: I bet she does!

Nicky: come on girls! lets find out!

Katie: check her wrists! Everybody knows that emo’s love cutting their wrists!

Sarah: good idea Katie!

(Katie grabs Alice’s wrists, and takes a pair of scissors and cuts off Alices wrist bands, the bands fall to the floor revealing more cuts)

(Alex giggles)

Sarah: Well isn’t this a surprise, our house guest is a little emo girl!

(Alice tries to pull away from the girls)

(Alex giggles)

Sarah: nu uh, you’re not going anywhere, not until we do a few little tests

( pulls a blade from her pocket)

Alice: no! Please don’t hurt me!

Katie: (takes the blade) oh we’re not going to hurt you, you’re not going to feel a thing, after all, emo’s LIKE pain, don’t they.

Alice: (cries out) please! No!

(Katie takes the blade and holds it near Alice’s skin)

Alice: Stop! (Begins to cry)

(Alex giggles)

Nicky: You’re such a baby!

Sarah: Why are you crying, you WANT this to happen, you like pain

Alice: (sobs) no, stop, don’t hurt me

(Katie pulls the blade quickly across Alice’s arm)


Alex: (giggling) nu uh, we’re not done with you yet!

Sarah: come on ladies, lets show this little freak what she gets for being a discusting little emo!

(Slaps Alice across the face)

Alice: ppp..pplease... please stop

Alex: not yet we won’t (giggles)

End scene

The End

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