Spoken- scene threeMature


(Stage is set with Alice sitting on a chair outside of a door, she shuffles her feet and looks at her knees, nicky walks up to her and sits in the chair next to her, sarah walks in as well but waits a distance away)

Sarah: hey I’m sorry about how we all laughed at you back there in class

Alice: (looks up) it’s ok, don’t worry about it

Sarah: well we wanted to make it up to you, I’m having a sleep over party at my house this Saturday night and I want yyyooouuu (pokes Alice in the arm) to be there.

Alice: I don’t know....

Sarah: oh come on! It’ll be fun!

Alice: (bites lip) well ok, I guess it would be fun

Sarah: great! See ya there! I’ll text you the address and time tommorrow

(Gets up and walks over to Katie)

Sarah(so that only Katie can hear): omg she said she’d come, this is going to be so much fun (laughes)

Katie: She’s in for a night she’ll never forget!

(Alex, as the principal, calls Alice into the office from behind the door)

Alex (as the principal): Alice Norman!

(Alice gets up and walks in the door)

end scene

The End

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