Spoken: scene twoMature


(Alice arrives late to the scene,  there are five desks set up on stage 2 rows deep in a triangular fashion and all are occupied except for the middle one which alice takes.  A teacher stands at the front of the class and is already speaking) 

Teacher: ...So I'd like you all to mark down that we have our unit test next week, please study for this one because it will count as five percent towards your final mark in this class, if there are any individuals who are away today I ask you to please remind them of this (alice walks in )

Teacher: ah! Alanna, nice of you to join us! (girls giggle and shoot glances in Alices direction) 

Alice: My name is Alice, Miss Delgado 

Teacher: (slams book on Alice's desk) thats enough of your sass! I will NOT take that kind of attitude from anybody in this classroom

Alice: (quietly) but that isn't my name...

(Girls giggle)

Alice: (looks down) I’m sorry miss

Sarah: ya, you’d better be, sass mouthing a teacher like that! I ALWAYS respect others, ESPECIALLY teachers. You should learn to be more like me, (turns to teacher) isn’t that right miss?

Teacher: well now I can’t agree with that, that would be favouritism! (Gives an exagerated wink at the class) now, moving on with today’s lesson, could somebody please explain the dramatic significance of the first scene in act five?

(Alice raises her hand, girls giggle)

Teacher: Alice?

Alice: The dramatic significance of the first scene in act five is to show the change in lady... lady... lady... (stops and bites lips looking panicked)

(Girls giggle)

Teacher: lady what?

Alice: I can’t say her name, it’s bad luck for an actor to mention the name of the Scottish play

Teacher: you will say the name! NOW!

Alice: But I can’t miss! It’s bad luck, I’m in a production and if I say her name it’ll curse the play!

Teacher: office! (Points offstage)



The End

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