Splintered heart

Walking down the beach
I stop and stare; it wasn’t so long ago
We were stooping and drawing in the sand
Now you’re so far away, so far out of reach
I wish I had those days back, but I know I really can’t

Look at my hands and see the scars
I’ve crucified myself again and again
Over all the s*** I ran you through
Bangin my head against those steel bars
Lookin back and seeing everything I did to you

I tell myself I wouldn’t do the same
If only I had the chance to do it again
But now, I don’t know if that’s right
I fight with my heart; he’s just so hard to tame
And every time I try, I just end up losing the fight

I reach out to you and what will you do?
You can take my hand or you can slap my face
I can’t take back the past, no matter how I try
All I know is that I’m lost without you
And all I want is for you to say that you’re mine.

The End

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