I Saw True, Pure Love

Number One:

She was probably a normal grown-up with a regular job as a pastor or church worker. She had pretty, straight blond hair. Her blue eyes smiled and she was shorter than 5"7’.

The first time I saw her was at Catalyst. She was just getting ready, like myself, to the bands and speakers do their best; preaching and teaching about Jesus.

But I didn't actually, really notice her until it was time to worship, to sing. While I stood there singing, something that she was doing caught my eye. Her hands and arms.

They were raised in the air above her head with her hands spread open, to show her praise to God. But instead of just having them stay still, she moved them.

It was with such grace and elegance. Like she was reaching for her Savoir, her God.

So for the next two days I watched her.

Her eyes closed, her lips singing praises, and her hands expressing her love for God. Reaching out, wanting more of him.

I thought to myself, 'that is true, pure love.'


Number Two:

She was just like me. An ordinary teenager with problems to face in this world. I saw her love for God during worship time at a camp I go to. she aways had her hands raised or she was kneeing before the Almighty God in complete and silent awe of Him.

The End

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