The Authoress's Affair.


I love him, but he'll never know how much.

I love the way his smile lights his face, the way he fights with elegance and grace. When I'm in trouble he is there at my side ready to fight for me, ready to die. Many will pass him up and never know the greatness he holds in his heart, they walk by without even a glance as he is sitting there. I wonder how people can't see what I see when I look into his eyes? He is a prince in my mind--yet it's only in my mind that he lives.

One day I must say good bye to him, I know, oh how I loath the day when I must let him go, out of my life never to behold him again; I always hate the way these things have to end.

I love him so much, yet he'll never know I existed.

Though I named him and created him to live in the world of a dream I had once seen, he'll never know it was me. Nor will he see he is just a character playing out a story, every scene written by my hand, his landscapes fragments of things I’ve imagined.

I couldn’t love him anymore, yet he'll never know.

The End

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