Special Announcement From Lesovikk Droa!

Important stuff, relevant stuff. :P

Sorry everybody. I haven't posted for, what? A week now? Feels longer...

But, yes, my job is killin' me, in so much as that the hours are everywhere, bouncing from 7am-10am, all the way to 8am-10pm. Maybe it doesn't sound too bad, but this is my first job after all..

Excuses, excuses! Right- This Saturday should be good for a page (probably in Crusader), and every other day the week after Easter should be available. More Crusader! More Killer App! Yay!!!

^The above paragraph is old stuff now^

But that's not the main reason I'm doing this announcement.

I have a fun little thing I want to try...

One of the main features of the site...

... *Suspense* ...

{< A COLLAB!!! >}

Or rather:

Mini-Collab Week! Duo-Week? Whatever...

Yes, the idea is, every two weeks, I can start up a semi-casual collab with someone (Anyone!) and we post it and finish it up over that two week's time. eg, If the first page goes up Saturday, April 12th, we'd finish on or shortly before Saturday, April 26th.

Yes, I will do regular collabs (Sometime), but I want those to be special and be a rare treat! (Read: Too busy/lazy most of the time. :P ) If an idea/story is just that good, we (The participants) may decide to turn it into a regular collab, who knows?

Neat idea? Suggestions? Questions? Wanna jump in? Just comment, and I'll get back to ya ASAP!

Thanks everybody!

The End

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