Speak Your Mind

A place to plot all the pharagraphs expressing different topics and state of mind or heart. Can we say state of heart?

A Try to Explain the Unexplainable

            It's ironic how the strongest bounds are the ones of human souls. It's like our souls are bound with unbreakable thin threads that even the naked eye can't see. It is even more ironic how these thin threads dominate us, and we willingly surrender and adjust. These thin threads transfer a sinewy force from one side to the other, no matter how far the distance is, to make you feel, suffer or relish; to make you feel the world's weight falling on your shoulders or to make feel weightless flying in the sky and teasing the stars… It is the only road for the souls to meet, and bring one another to a slight appearance to the person on either side.


            Is this the explanation of the nearness I feel when the distance is far? Or just trying to justify what the mind can't explain? Or did I reach a level of insanity? Well, the mind does only justify the nonsensical incidents as insanity, but the soul does have another explanation… 

The End

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