A Slow Burn Playlist

When I started writing this story " A Slow Burn" I had this great idea why don't I make a playlist to go along with it. Well now it i just getting harder and harder to come up with songs. I won't go through the entire list. But there are few songs that really add the the story.

" Crowd Surf off a Cliff" By Emily Haines

I am the biggest Metric and Emily Haines fan. I really wanted to add more of their stuff but they didn't really fit. This is one of those songs that make you want to put your head in an oven. It simply opens the story. The line " I'd rather give the world away than wake up alone" kills me everytime. There's also some beach imagery. Most of the story takes place at a beach house. So I tried to find songs that mention something about beaches or the ocean. I suppose it's only a matter a time before " The Beach Boys" pop up.

"Detective Daughter" Emily Haines

Another shout out to Emily Haines...This song describes the odd relationship between Luka and Leigh. The song talks about a mysterious friend that pops out  mirrors, who comes to borrow her time. I also love the line " Love is hell. Hell is love. Asking to be loved is hell"

"Love Song "311

I decied to go with the 311 version of this song because it sounds more beachy, tropical. I really love the feeling of undying love in this song.

Other artists I wish I could have included: Adele, Sia and A Fine Frenzy

Playlist so far

" Crowd surf off a cliff" By Emily Haines
" Bangkok" By Brother Sun Sister Moon
" Calendar Girl" By Stars
" Virginia Moon" The Foo Fighters
" Detective Daughter" By Emily Haines
" Nobody Loves Me" By Garbage
" The Best of My Love" The Foo Fighters
" Damaged" By Plumbit
" In the backseat" Arcade fire
" Nowhere to go" Melissa Etheridge
" I love you" Sarah Machalan
" A stroke of luck" By Garbage
" Leave me alone" Natalie Imbruglia
" Weight" Sarah Slean
" The Perfect Drug" Nine Inch Nails
" Mad World" Michael Andrews and Gary Jule
" Run" Collective Soul
" Something I'll never have" Nine Inch Nails
" Day One" Sarah Slean
" My Lover's Box" By Garbage
" My Invitation" Sarah Slean
" Both Sides Now" Joni Mitchell
" You say it was suppose to be" The Royal Society
" This is the way god made me" Chantal Krievizak
" Oceans" Pearl Jam
" Sea of Love" Cat Power
" Love Song" 311
" Bring em back alive" Audioslave
" Heaven Sent" Esthero
" I found a reason" Cat Power

The End

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