Soundtrack Challenge

Write a soundtrack for your life and/or a soundtrack for a story that you wrote.

Music. It calms us down, it feeds our souls, it inspires us. Sometimes, we can truly relate to the lyrics and/or melody of a song. That is how a piece of music becomes ingrained into our hearts and minds, and we never forget it.

Other times, if we're writing a story or poem, or any other piece of literature for that matter, music can give us ideas and motivation. Authors such as Stephenie Meyer (author of the bestselling Twilight Saga Series) make soundtracks for their novels.

Hence, I challenge you to make a soundtrack for your life, and/or a soundtrack for a story you wrote. You don't have to write about why you chose those songs, but you can if you want to.

Happy writing!!!!!!

Traaaa Laaaaaaa Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

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