Sorry She Threw You OutMature

Gavin gets cheated on and thrown out by his best friend, Pete's, sister. Pete helps him find a temporary apartment and get over the loss. But wait, why does Gavin find some of Pete's sister's belongings in a box? and what is Pete thinking of doing with it?

My life has officially gone down hill. I have been dating my best friends sister for over a year now and, not long ago, we got our own place. Obviously, Pete wasn’t too happy about me dating his sister but what could I say. I loved her. At least I thought I did.
    Last week, I walked through the door and heard her voice, screaming in ecstasy. I left immediately. Later I had found out that she had been sleeping with this other guy for five months. She had been sleeping with him for four months before we got our own place. It turns out that she just wanted me to buy her a house for the two of them and then get rid of me. She yelled at me saying that it was my fault to begin with. That I had forced her to find pleasure somewhere else. Apparently I had been working to much and hadn’t had time for her.
    Now she has forced me to move out, leaving me to find somewhere else until I try to get the house back in court. I’ve grabbed all of my things and found myself a motel room with the help of Pete, who surprisingly hasn’t spoken a word to me since I told him what happened.
    “Where do you want me to put this?” asked Pete, holding a big box full of my various belongings.
    “Just put it in the corner over there,” I answered. I put the last of the remaining boxes into the corner with the rest and plopped myself down onto the bed that was poorly placed in the center of the room. Pete stood in the doorway with his hands in his pockets. After a long silence, Pete said something to me that wasn’t a question on where to put anything.
    “I’m sorry.”
I sat up and looked him in the face.
    “If you were sorry, you would’ve brought beer,” I said sarcastically. Pete picked up a plastic bag from behind the wall and held it up.
    “I did,” he smiled slightly. I laughed and cracked open a beer. After a few drinks, Pete was able to talk to me normally again. We talked about how he was ever since I got with his sister, work, wanting to kill our bosses, just random stuff.
    “Hey, I’m really sorry threw you out and the other stuff. If I had known, I would’ve told you,” he said sincerely.
    “It’s alright, I knew what she was doing.” Pete looked at me shocked.
    “What do you mean?”
    “ I already knew. I’m not stupid. Every time I came home I could hear her having sex with that guy. She wasn’t very discreet. But even if I hadn’t known, we would’ve broken up.” Pete looked at me questioningly. “Dude, come on, everyone knows that she’s crazy! I just realized it too late.” I took a swig of beer and sighed. Pete said nothing and finished his bottle in one go. “Go on say it. I know you want to.”
    “Okay, I told you so! I told you that she was a freaking psycho. But you wouldn’t listen to me.” I laughed and got up from the sunken in couch that smelled like cheese and walked over to some boxes.
    “Oh shit! What the fuck is this?” I yelled, pulling out a see through dildo from one of the boxes. Pete walked over and almost keeled over from laughter.
    “Whoa, Gavin,” he managed to get out, “I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff!”
    “What are you talking about! It sure as hell isn’t mine.”
    “Well then whose is it, cause it looks like its already been opened,” he asked, still laughing. I thought a moment then realized something.
    “Awe dude, I was in such a hurry to get out of there and it was dark. I must have grabbed this from her drawer,” I looked in the box and found some of his sisters belts and other accessories.
    “Well, this sure isn’t a belt,” he said while rummaging through the box. We looked at the packaged dildo and laughed again.
    “Damn, lemme see this thing,” I said, opening the package, “This is what she was using when neither me or her boy toy was home?” Pete chuckled and looked at it more closely.
    “It anything like yours?” Pete asked. What! He thought mine was smaller than this?
    “You tell me, bro!” I said getting agitated. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my limp penis and put the dildo next to it to compare. “What do you think?“ Pete put a hand to his chin mockingly.
    “I don’t know man, it’s half the size of yours,” he said trying to be a smart ass. “Is that it’s normal size?” I know he’s just joking around but it still pissed me off and made me embarrassed.
    “Well, it’s limp. But if it was hard then it would be way bigger than this stupid thing,” I commented. I could tell Pete was holding in a laugh.
    “Whatever you say, dude.”
    “If you think your so high and mighty, lets see yours,” I offered.
    “Uh, no I’m good,” he said, going back to the couch to grab another beer. When he was about to take a swig, I grabbed him by the arm, almost spilling the beer.
    “Come on man, you can talk all big but you cant give proof?” He seemed slightly pissed now but still refused. Getting irritated, I went to grab his belt when I noticed he was hard. He blushed and walked backwards.
    “It’s not what you think, I’m just getting a little drunk from the beer and all this talk about sex is turning me on a bit. It’s no big deal.” Pete took a long swig from his beer, trying to calm down.
    I was shocked. I didn’t expect him to get a hard on. For some strange reason I felt left out. He saw mine, while it was still limp if I might add, but I couldn’t see his? All we were doing to begin with was just seeing whose was bigger.
    “Well, like you said. It’s no big deal. Come on, if it makes you uncomfortable, I’ll get a hard on so we can both compare. I still think I’ll win though,” I smirked. Pete seemed annoyed now.
    “No, I don’t want to. You wouldn’t get it anyways.”
    “You think I cant get it up? I can just think of your sister the first time we did it together,” I said, knowing that I’m going too far, “She was so horny, I would’ve mistook her for a bitch in heat.”
    Pete dropped his beer and lunged at me, pushing me down on the bed. “What the hell is your problem!” He took off his belt and tied my wrists together to the head board. “You think you can get it up by thinking about her, go ahead and try.” Pete grabbed my limp membrane and started to stroke it.
    “What the-”
    Pete put a hand over my mouth and continued to stroke with the other hand. With the slightest touch of his hand, I started to feel something. I shut my eyes and tried to think of his sister, but every time I did, I saw him instead. It was hard not to since he was right here on top of me. Soon enough I couldn’t stop my body and I got hard. Pete looked up at me. I guess seeing my eyes closed made him think that I was actually thinking of her, thank god.
    Not quite. He got even more pissed. I opened my eyes and he looked a bit hurt too. But I might’ve just been seeing things. Pete got up and grabbed the dildo from the other room.
    “I bet she used this on you, huh. I’m sure you liked it too.” He started tearing off my clothes now in a rage. He ripped my green dress shirt open and pulled off my pants. I tried to struggle but he had always been stronger than me, even in high school. It also didn’t help that I was starting to feel the full affect of the seven beers I drank.
    “Pete, stop!”
    He didn’t. He continued until I had not even a shred of clothing left on my body. He spread open my legs and stared at me.
    “What a site this is,” he picked up the dildo and touched my bottom side with it, “You think this will fit in here?” I panted and pleaded.
    “Please … don’t put … that in …” I tried to get out. Pete smirked.
    “Oh, it seems like I don’t have any lube on me. Unless you want this shoved in dry, I suggest you lick it.” He shoved the dildo into my cheek. If I don’t do it, it’s going to hurt like hell. No matter what happens it’s going to hurt but, licking it will help a little.
    I turned my face to the dildo and opened my mouth up slightly. “A little wider, we need to get all of it lubricated or else it will hurt you.” I opened up a little wider and he shoved it into my mouth. “There you go, make sure its properly lubricated,” he laughed, stroking me. I started to choke but I couldn’t let him see that. I just tried my best not to gag as he jammed it down my throat and made me feel good down below. When I came, he pulled it out of my throat. I coughed trying to breathe.
    “Cumming from just a dildo in your mouth? You must really have a good imagination of my sister.” That’s right, I was supposed to be getting turned on by her but all I could think about was Pete.
    Without a second thought, He rammed the dildo into my ass. My chest heaved up and I couldn’t breathe. As he continued to shove it in deeper, I felt tears fill my eyes and go down my face. I have never felt this much excruciating pain in my entire life. He continued to thrust the dildo in and out rigorously.
    “Breathe out dumb ass! Take it like a man,” he yelled, “I bet you like this, right?“ Then, his face changed. I looked up at him, trembling in pain.
    “P-Pete … I can- … Stand it,” I said between chokes of tears, “I don’t want-” Pete seemed like he was tearing up now. He reached down and embraced me. This shocked me.
    “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” he sobbed.
    “It’s my fault, I made inappropriate comments about your sister,” I managed to say in a complete sentence.
    “No it’s not that. She’s a dirty whore. But when I heard you talking about her, I got jealous.” Wait, is he saying what I think he’s saying? “I know I don’t have the right to say this but, I’ve liked you since high school.”
    He liked me? Wait, scratch that. He likes me? Why haven’t I noticed before. Now that I really think about it, he did show it slightly. It definitely explains why he got so angry when I told him about me and his sister. At the time I thought it was just because it’s his sister but it makes sense now. I’ve hurt him so much and he was still there for me. When I was with his sister and the aftermath. Why have I been so stupid?
    “-it out …”
    “What?” Pete asked.
    “Take it out,” I mumbled into his shoulder, “I don’t want it.”
    “Oh god, I’m so sorry!” Without thinking, he yanked it out so fast that I cried aloud. “God damn it, I’m sorry, again. I didn’t think that through.”
    “It’s ok,” I groaned through my teeth,” You know what you can do to make it up to me?”
    “Anything!” he said eagerly.
    “First, untie me.” He did as he was told and waited to get punched. “Second,” I sat up slowly and buried my face into is shoulder. “I want yours instead of that dildo.” I didn’t need to see his face to know that he was shocked. God this is so embarrassing. He started to stutter which took too long for me.
    I unzipped his pants and his membrane sprung up like a child’s toy. It was certainly bigger than the dildo, let alone mine, and it seemed like it was about to burst.
    “You shouldn’t keep it held up like this,” I said, wrapping my hands around his thick rod. I then started to lick him, hearing him groan above me.
    “Gavin,” he huffed. He stopped me and pushed me back. “Can I, you  know,” he asked eagerly. I nodded and he slowly penetrated me. It was hot, unlike the dildo. He was more gentle and asked me if it was ok to move. It wasn’t as painful for some reason. Then he hit a spot that made me shutter and cum. The look on my face must have been erotic because I could feel him get bigger inside of me. I moaned.
    “It’s okay, you can keep going,” I panted.
    “Okay, but I want us to come together, Gavin.” I nodded, wanting the same thing and Pete picked up speed. Going all the way down to the hilt. We called out each others names in ecstasy as we came together. He settled down be side me panting and looked me in the face. I looked at him too and we kissed.
    I woke up to Pete bringing in breakfast and a new pair of clothes on the side of the bed. I got dressed and ate with him. He told me that I could live with him until I got the house back. When I do get the house back, I plan to ask him to join me.

The End

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