Songs to God

Songs declaring the love and joy that I find in my King, the Lord God Almighty!

I first came up with this song while I was crushing on a boy at school. I was just so grateful to God that He had brought the boy into my life and that I had gotten the chance to meet him. I was so full of joy and thanksgiving that I just started singing. First it was just the worship songs from church that I could remember off the top of my head, but then I wanted something more personal, fitted specifically to my feelings and the easiest way to get a song like that would be to make one up! So I came up with my own lyrics strait from the heart and just started singing them to different tunes (some original, some borrowed) until something stuck. Enjoy!

Eagles Wings

There's a happy, happy feeling in my soul today
And you know it is the Lord who makes me feel this way
There is a song in my heart
And it never will depart
It's He who is the King who makes me glad!

It is the King (It is the King)
Who makes me glad (who makes me glad)
He lifts my heart (he lifts my heart)
Up to the sky (up to the sky)

It is the King, who makes me glad
He lifts my heart up to the sky on eagles wings!


The End

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