theres an ache in my bones that i cant shake
a shiver in my spine that i cant break,
cant melt this frost in my heart
oh i cant wait for you to feel the wind of my soul

Just can’t wait to make you feel the way i feel

Worthless, just so useless
the words come flying ‘round
there are arrows in my back,
from the morals that you lack,
i don’t think this going to end well

I just can’t wait to force you to kneel,
down to me,
know just how it is to be broken like me,
you’re the straw that broke the camel’s back,
now the camel’s fighting back.
you’re in for a surprise,
no way to hide,
bunny rabbit run away,
forever in my traps you’ll will stay.

i’d like to take a moment,
just to say,
i learned from the best,
the best teacher there’s ever been,
i’ve studied all your dirtiest tricks
and a touch of myself,
a nasty little twist.

I hope you’re ready for a taste of your own medicine
I hope you choke on this bitter pill
of what you you did,
Do you feel this hatred,
radiating from my stare?
This is what’s going to take you to your grave,
say goodbye to the light,
you stole from my eyes,
im taking it back;
I’ll no longer sit back and be silent
to your tortures,
Its time to act out my revenge.

The End

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