The Seamstress


You don’t see me

Yet I know I am here

I know you come to meet someone

But you don’t love her

And she doesn’t love you

In my quiet space

I wonder what it would be like to play the shark




What would I do with such enthrallment?


Probably stand wide eyed


As emotion took over me

As you took me over

The more I think about it the less it sounds like a bad idea





If you only looked my way

I could try to flaunt myself

Not shake my hair or stick out my chest

I know that’s what you like

I would rather it be enough to be bathed in shadows

White skin against a dark background

A face is all you see





But here I am at her knees

Fixing her dress

A decadent shape

She twists for a better view

Well I want to duck out

Especially when she says do you think he’ll like it

And there’s your cue




I pictured a thousand times what your handshake would be like

Like it was a clue

Insight it what your embrace might be like

Tight, commanding

Loose and empty

Or maybe like a vow

You will be mine

The End

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