Your not the devil, so what are you?

Are you the devil’s right hand?

If He points the knife are you the one that stabs it

If you believe in redemption why are you standing still?

The morphine’s wore off

My eyes are wide open

The haze is gone

Now I see

You’re all hellfire and Brimstone

Hellfire and Brimstone

Hellfire and Brimstone


I was looking for the smoking gun

I should have know you’d be sneaky bout it

You want someone to tell you it’s not so bad

You want someone to heal you

If it wasn’t for your damn vulnerability

I’d see you as you are a whole lot sooner





You were suppose to be spontaneity

But your chaos instead

You were suppose to help shape my world

You shake it up instead

Step all over it

Because you are careless

Seems it’s worse than intent




I’m not looking for a confession


I’d give you an ultimatum but this life is wearing thin

I need shelter

I need home

A Partner

And you just aren’t that

Me against you

It’s just not right

The End

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