Her Sexy Way

I have a boyish body hidden under layers of fabric

T-shirts and hoodies

But I still feel exposed

There’s a man in the corner

I see him looking at me

He doesn’t stare

But he doesn’t look through



I wasn’t aware I was alluring

No one told me I had a body

Sure momma said I was pretty

Friends say my heart is so pure

But no on told me I had that thing

The moves

The swagger

That sexy way

I never was sure I even wanted it

What do I do with such power, such grace?

Should I use it on you?


I’m so tired of these dating games

I need a cigarette

So I push past the sweaty bodies

Go where it’s cold and it’s fresh

Someone asks if I need a cigarette

I turn to the voice

It’s him

I glare and turn away

I quit smoking two months ago

I say

He says well then how about a drink?




So I let you buy me a drink

That doesn’t mean you can follow me like a dog all night

Ruff ruff he says

So how about we dance then

He suggests

I shrug my shoulders

And we dance




I’m feeling more exposed now

It’s too hot for this heavy cotton

I’m in my t-shirt now

But it feels like were skin to skin

And you don’t try to hide that you feel somewhat the same

If I let this go we will be consumed

All in flames

Tell me, convince me now’s the time

for ice water 



The End

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