Impulsive Heart

He takes my hand

Drags me to pear tree

Compares my body to the fruit until I blush

He kisses me and I blush some more

It’s not my first kiss

Not the first I’ve done in the name of love

But everytime it’s different

Some educe and some command

You confess 



I’ve been in love before

Found out the hard way

Love and infatuation are twins

It easy to mistake one for the other

How do I trust my heart

It’s failed me too many times to count

I thought I was soaring

Only to come crashing down

Tell me baby how do, I ever trust this impulsive heart of mine?


He takes me to an open field

Asks me if I know how to make flower crowns

Tells me he’d like me to be his queen

And we would rule this field forever

The clovers could be our subjects…

It’s all a delightful fantasy

Tell me what is real




He takes me home

We pause

Choking back our good byes

I kiss you for the first time

Doubts aren’t quelled

But I’m willing to give it time

Show me

Prove to me that we have time

That you won’t just walk out the door

When boredom knocks



The End

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