It’s four am

The idea of sleep seems so far away

I’ve given up tossing and turning

I can’t sleep not when life is better than my dreams

You kissed me good bye

I laid down to rest

But you give me no rest

You filled this mortal body with more reckless desire than its ever seen

No matter what the cost

The inconvience

I must sleep next to you tonight




So won’t you come?

Lay down next to me

Hold me like you’ll never let me go

Sing me a lullaby

Won’t you come?

Wrap your arms around me

And sing

Sing my songbird

Sing me to sleep


Winters light is hours away.

And there’s hope for me.

I’ll sleep tonight and through the morning.

So put on your overcoat.

Get out your keys.

It’s only a five minute drive.


I don’t need coffee.

I need you.

What would you say if I picked up the phone and demanded this of you?

Would you think me desperate?

Can I afford to care?



The End

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