Hole in my chest


My scheming is done.

There’s nothing I can change:

My hair ,my clothes ,my intensity.

It’ll never be enough or always be too much.

So we’ve grown, we are still human.

Still need the same things love, trust, touch

I was the one...

The one you always said gave you everything

What more could you need?



There’s a hole in my chest.

The blood bleeds out leaving me chilled and blue.

I can’t get warm.

Even in this sweater, that doesn’t smell like you.

You’ve taken every trace of you.

If I had a hallway I’d shout.

And let it echo.





Where’s the kindness in a clean break?

I want so much more.

I deserve my happiness.

My dream come true.

You were it!

But in my dreams it was mutual.

Only tears of joy.

Growing seeds of hope.





There’s almost nothing here.

A desert with no oasis.

I’d even hope for a mirage.

An illusion of unconditional infinite love.

But there is no escape.

No numbness.

Just the cold truth day after day.



The End

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