Songs of Longing

These Hours

You sensed the rain, on a day like today there can only be rain.                                                  Last night you realized it was true I was really, truly gone.                                                          You didn’t sleep a wink.                                        No one to snore you to sleep, and you prayed today would come much more softer and so did I.                                                            Across the universe and praying for the sun.

But there is only mercy for the crops                            Were stuck inside and stir crazy.                             There must be something better to do than stare at the phone.                                                          But I haven’t figured out what.                                 We both know what we shouldn’t do.                             Why it will never be .                                                              So we count the floor tiles and wish for sleep again.

 There won’t be any naps today                                  No numbness will come.                                       They’ll be no cheap escape.                                   We’ve got to live.                                               Go on until link by link, we become disconnected              Easier said then done

The day will end and maybe just maybe we will be worn out.                                                             No dreams will come just dead sleep.                            It’s the best we can hope for.                                   A couple hours away from you.                                    All of you every patchwork piece of you.                      Every apparition of you.

The End

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