Songs and Music

Basically I thought if anyone needed more music to listen to, we could all write a chapter or two on our favourite musicians and artists or songs.
Good idea? I dont know.
Have a look and a bit of a write! Go on!

Ok. Here is my favourite artist: Jesse McCartney.
His music is mainly about girls and doing things with them. Although one of his more moving songs "Invincible" is about how his girlfriend got high and died, this song is about his love for her.

Jesse has also been in lots of movies, he was Keith in "Keith" (Really?!) He started off with his single "Beautiful Soul" which just lead to more songs and then more. He has done a terrific cover of T-Pains Buy you a drink (Buy you a drank). His voice has a unique tone I find.

Ok. Thats it. If I were you, (you'd be ugly) I would give a listen to "Not My Enemy" its a slow song about a girl breaking up with her boyfriend and her blaming Jesse.

Ok. Thats really it now.

The End

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