Oh, Cloudy Day

Re-write of 'Danny Boy'. Inspired by British Weather. I apologise if it's not very good; I felt I should have a go, because I've tried this before and failed epicly.

Oh, cloudy day,
The sun is still not shining,
Though I've said prayers,
To try and make it so.
I should have known,
And I should now stop whining,
For this is how it always is,
I know.

But I can hope,
That one day of this July,
We'll have some sun,
And I can sing and play.
Yet still I wake,
To see the morning sky,
And there's no sun,
Just cloudiness today.

Oh, cloudy day,
When you did come to England,
I was so sure,
You'd one day go away.
But I was wrong;
You still come here to haunt me,
For the rain a cure
Would be a sunny day.

And though you come,
Each week just to torment me,
I'll not be bowed,
My shoulders will not droop
I'll wait in hope
For the sunshine that is coming,
When all the clouds
Across the sky do swoop.

The End

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