(sung to the tune of "Yesterday" by the Beatles)

It's the finest drink I've ever made.
Like to drink it when I'm in the shade.
Oh, I believe in Lemonade.

I've got twice the thirst built up in me.
There's a hot sun hanging over me.
Oh, lemonade, come rescue me.

Why I had to run
in the sun,
I couldn't say.
I stayed out too long.
Now I long
For lemona-a-a-ade. 

What an active round of sports we played.
Now we're on the ground with our limbs splayed.
Oh, we require some lemonade.

Why we had to run
In the sun,
I couldn't say.
We thought we were strong.
We were wrong.
Now we need lemona-ade.

It's the strangest song I've every played.
Maybe if it's good then I'll get paid
For singing songs of lemonade.


The End

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