On Top of Old Smokey

[Author's note: This song was created by me and my four and a half year old daughter. Many of you are porbably more familar with the "On Top of Spaghetti" (or "Meatball" as my two and a half year old son says) which is what this is really based off of.]

"On Top of a Mountain"

On top of a Mountain
All covered with sauce
I lost my pretty pony
When I gave her the toss

She rolled down the mountain
And over a hill
She came to a snow bank
Where she stopped still

Then the snow it did cover
Cover her with cheese
And my pretty pony
Was then heard to sneeze

I followed the sound
And followed her tracks
To find my pretty pony
And bring her back

 When I got to the snow bank
I dug her out the snow
But my poor pretty pony
Couldn’t  walk slow

 So if you have a pony
On a mountain of sauce
Be sure that you never
Never give her the toss

The End

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