A whole new world (Alladin)

(This isn't great but me and my friend made it up and we're trying to tell everyone!)

Let me show you the slugs,

Shining, shimmering, sliding,

Tell me Jasmine now why did you step on that snail's shell?

I can send you to hell,

Becauseof all of your murders, I don't know what a girger is,

But i'm sure i'll be suprised!

The underworld!

A horri-fying point of view, and when I'm way down here,

It's not that clear,

Why I'm stuck in this world just like glue...

The underworld (The underworld)

That's where you'll be (That's where i'll be)

A horrid place (The devils face)

For you, not me![But, wh-y me?]

The End

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