Britney Spears : 3

[One, two, three, just those three is fine for me, why does anyone need more, everything else is a bore. Counting,

One, two, three, I can count to number three. I can't count to number five, don't need numbers to survive, oh.]

Hey, did you know, I know more than you, I can count to three, you can count... two.

Three is the best, better than the rest, a, b, c  has three, so let it.. be.

One........two, three, I'll let you in to my se..cret. Oh, one...... two, three, I'll keep counting.....

[Chorus x 2]

Three is so cool, two is aw..ful, four is just as bad, and I love three.

Three is the cure, three is such delight, three is wonderful, you know I'm... right.

Six minus three.. is three. Isn't that just so ama...zing? Oh, triangles have three sides, I'll keep counting....

[Chorus x 2]

You know I will say the truth, number three is angelic, if you don't like number three... that's just tough so bear with me... I want three.... you see.... just three.... I need.......

[Chorus x 2]


(Inspired by a comment on the Britney Spears-3 Official Music Video comment section : "Well done Britney! You can count to three!")

The End

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