We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel


SpongeBob SquarePants. Patrick Star, Speed Racer, DDR.

Power Rangers, Scary Movie,  the Back Street Boys.


Persian Gulf War, Beanie Babies, Harry Potter,  Creepy Ferbies.

Starbucks Coffee, Sesame Street , Nikolodeon. 


Soulja Boy, Jack Black, Britney Spears, Superman.

Oh Snap, Guitar Hero. I can rock on medium.


Computer age. macbook. cell phones are off the hook.

Chicago Bulls. Puerto Rico.  I Demand A Recount!




Radiohead.  Kosovo.  James Bond and Ok GO.

Michal Jordan. Micheal Jackson. THIS IS SPARTA!


Shag Rugs, War On Drugs,  War On Terror, Free hugs.

Janet Rino, Barack Obama.


Nike. Bad debt. Gore invents the internet.

Los Angelas.  Red Sox Win. Y2K Bug. Jack Sparrow.


Cassetes  tape players. Dundler Mifflin, Scrampton.  

"Don't taze me", Tsunami.  Weird Al's white and nerdy.  




 Console Wars. New Star Wars.  Bootylicious. John McCain.

Outkast. Polaroids. Everyone's on steroids.  


VH1, MTV. Katrina leaves her debris.  

Kurt Cobain. CSI. Ronald Regaen Goodbye.

Nixon resigns. Yoda. Diamond mines, Sam I am.

Godzilla.  Hardcore!  Consumers still want more.


Nafta . Donald Trump. Whitewater and Fergie's Humps.

OJ Simpson. ebay.  Happy valentines day.  




Schindlers List.  Carebear. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Breakdace. Baggy Pants. Palin can see Russia 


Mario's in every game, Hendrix in the hall of fame.  

Yeltsin. Space Jam. Rocking til the AM.


Deep Blue. The Flintstones. Flying Dutchmen. Davy Jones.

Foo Fighters. iPhone Lighters. WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO SAY?




Chuck Norris., DVD. Reality on TV.

Xbox. White Sox. Bill Cosby.  Fort Knox.

Bahgdad, New Fads.  John Mayer, Clinton's  such a player

Justin's bringing sexy back, All of this is just so wack!


Sammy Sosa. NATO. Google. Ask Jeeves. Now Get Low.

Darth Vader. Light saber. AIDS, Crack, Heart Attack.

Simba, Frodo, Neo, Sam. You can do it yes you can

America goes to war. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE


The End

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