Kenny Rogers - the Gambler (chorus only)

This is my laundry song. Ever since I made it up when I was a teen, I can not help but sing it as I do laundry.

You got to know how to fold 'em, know how to wash him,
Know how to hang them up, know when to dry.
You never match your socks, till your finished with the laundry
There'll be time enough for matching, when the laundry's done.



3/24/2010: And now I have a new version of this course, thank's to Haddie Baker from Faerie Bound and of course my collaborating author's; Moonwalker, SpookOfNight and Anna's.

You got to know how to hold ‘em, know how to wield ‘em
Know when to run away, know when to fight.
You never count your wins, while you're still fighting battles
They’ll be time enough for counting, when the war is won.

The End

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