Hey You: Pink Floyd

Hey you

 Out there in your car,

Turning up the dial, 
Getting lonely, getting far

Burning in self denial,

I know now who you are.

Hey You

 My voice has been so slight 

Softly fading in the night

Since you drifted from my sight.

Hey you

 Out there all alone 

Staring blankly by the phone.

 Hey you

With your feet against the edge 

Leaping with legs of courage.

Hey you

Hiding what's inside,

Not making a sound,

Coffined like you died,

Alive not wanting to be found.

Hey you

I'm kneeling where you dwell, 
Though you left me where you fell, would you help me?

Fanatasy became my reality,

You weren't here because I couldn't see, 

I became blind when you broke free,

And the worms dug into my brain. 


The End

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