"Empire State of Mind" Spoof

Lonestar State of Mind

Yeah, I'm Dallas after seeing Houston
Met up with Hank Hill out east in Arlen
I'm the new pageant queen, and since I've won here
I can win anywhere, glitter up everywhere

Used to hang in Lubbock, licking fingers clean
Till I got that bypass fricking surgery
Copping El Paso, downing some burritos
All those hombres, are all my amigos

Got my hair teased up, thank you, Stockton
Bluegrass concert out there in Austin
Flossing Walmart clothes and Kmart shoes
My girl Billie Jo helps me look cute

Supersize those fries downtown in Laredo
Extra salt, child, with a side of potatoes
Got my cowboy hat in case we get wild
Red state forever cause I'm from

Texas, this is where lard comes from
There's enough for everyone
Cause it's Texas
These pig farms will probably disturb you
But it's just how we do
Let's hear it for Texas, Texas, Texas

The End

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