Make ATP (Under the Sea)

Your body is full of glucose
From all of the foods you ate
You want to make something useful
But end up with pyruvate
You look at your product, thinking
"Don't know what to do with this!
What was the whole point of going
Through all that glycolysis?"

Make ATP
Make ATP
The compound is our
Best source of power
Take it from me
You can do TCA all day
Starting with acetyl CoA
Don't be expirin'
Just keep respirin'
Make ATP

You say "ATP is burnin'!"
There's no need to make a fuss
The Krebs cycle always turnin'
Reducing NAD+
The NADH are lucky
They in for a better fate
They go to a complex where we
Oxidatively phosphorylate

Make ATP
Make ATP
It's evolution's
Greatest solution
For energy
You'll try the citrate on for size
Once you see it isomerize
It's not so hard, just
Lose some more carbons
Make ATP

Make ATP
Don't need inducin'
You'll be producin'
After you decarboxylate
Make GTP and succinate
No need to hate, de-
hydrogenate and
Make ATP

You start from citrate
Get aconitate
Then isocitrate
To ketoglutarate
We're halfway through
Made two CO2
And two NADs reduced
Next succinate
And then fumarate
And fin'lly malate
Now you have three
Reduced NAD
And a QH2 produced

Make ATP
Make ATP
Soon you will find
Electrons can bind to
Cytochrome C
You'll find your ATPs regained
In the electron transport chain
That's why we dote on
Pumping those protons
Make ATP
No more starvation
Or fermentation
Make ATP
Nothing can out-pace [cringe]
ATP synthase
That's why we're fond of
Our mitochondria
Push up the rate and
Phosphorylate and
Make ATP!

(note: I know some rhyming and scanning is, shall we say, liberal? And I also know some of the science is a little sketchy. My response to these concerns is: YOU try writing the Krebs' cycle into a song with as tight a rhyme scheme as Under the Sea...)

The End

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