Song Parodies

                                The TV Talent Show Tribute Song 

(to the tune of ''Do You Hear the People Sing'' – from Les Miserables)

Have you heard the hopefuls sing?

Singing a song to angry men?

It is a discord of the like

You'll sadly hear again, again.

When the screeching of a girl

Echoes the bleating and the squawks,

There is a rant about to start

When the panel talks.


Will you watch the panel cringe,

Sitting with fingers in your ears?

After ordeal of auditions

Many singers leave in tears.

We watch all the shows

And they give us the laugh of our years.


We've all heard the hopefuls sing,

Singing the songs that cause us pain.

It is the music of a sort

That will offend our ears again.

When the shouting out of tune

Echoes the blaring and the squeaks,

There is a row about to start

When the panel speaks.


Will you vote in all the shows -

Select the one with the best voice?

Some will fall and some survive –

Will you dial up and make your choice?

The makers will profit;

Their coffers will fill; they'll rejoice!


Did you hear the hopefuls sing,

Wishing that you could try, as well.

If you have thought, I could do better

And I'll show Simon Cowell!

Then you'll have to go along,

Sticking a number on your chest.

Sing the panel your favourite song,

And hope for the best!

The End

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