song lyrics i did :)

just like it says. i was drunk so they will suck. i just want to say how i feel. sucks at first but gets better as it goes along. i think.

All i show you is affection, and all i'm getting is rejection. it's eating me up inside.

just say that you love, foresake all else above me and i'l stay by your side...

my heart beats in time with yours, even when we're on different shores and i know all i want is you---

and in my hand i'l hold your hand, walking on the sand, (yeah)

 oh and in the sun set of our life, i'l make you my wife. yeah, my soul needs your love, like wongs need a done.

has it been months of years? i don't know, but we started in spring and now there's snow (oh oh oh). yeah, now i've got my own family to which i'm never letting go. 

there's so much more i could put in this song, yeah, i could make it a million years long. cos when i think about you i feel so STRONG---...oh, but this is only a dream. and we havent got that long.

yeah, i got your picture running thougth my head, they'll be no ring on this finger (ring finger) before i'm dead, so for now... i'm just stuck here, (waiting to end up dead or alone in my bed.) comment which last line is better. i can't choose.


by charlie j bates. written october 10th 2011.

The End

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