Somewhere Over The Visible Spectrum

Many scientists have complained that the classic song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' from 'The Wizard of Oz' was not particularly accurate in scientific terminology. This version plans to fix that problem. Please remember that it won't rhyme or scan, so don't complain about that.

In an unspecified location above the visible spectrum

High in near-stratospheric orbit,

There is a land that I heard of

Once in a music-induced REM cycle.


In an unspecified location over the visible spectrum

Skies have a wavelength of ~450nm,

And the imagination sequences that you dare to sequence

Come to pass.


Someday I will wish upon a sphere of hydrogen being rapidly fused to form vast amounts of energy,

And wake up where the dense collections of water vapour,

Are far behind me.

Where worry-induced neuron reactions dissipate like a hard candy filled with lemon-flavoured sherbet

Away above the chimney tops

That is where you will locate me.


Somewhere over the visible spectrum

Sialia sialis use aeromechanics to maintain their bodies in the air

Birds do this over the visible spectrum.

Why then oh why can I not?


If happy little sialis fly

Beyond the visible spectrum

Why, oh why can I not?

The End

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