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I wrote this, to make people understand themselves. what are we aiming for, what we want to achieve and is it really worth it by sacrificing others on the way.
Its about mother nature and how it has nourished us and what we have given in return and what can we do to turn the tables in the right direction

Hey guyz,

This post is dedicated to all of you out there.

Those who are into conservation,

Those who are not,

Those who wanna be

Those who are staill waiting for motivation,

Those who just don't know what to do,

Those who think its ridiculus and useless

and specially to the ones who are ignorant.

It all started in the century we can't even think of and never have had any clue because we last at an average of say about 70 years right. ( just gonna be brief) Centuries earlier we had existance of a sacred land, i won't go into details of what happened to form eath and rest you can best wiki it up right. Because this place is something new, something you don't know, something intresting and thats what life's all about. :).

All i am asking for is that i just need 2 minutes of your precious existence time to show you whats the difference between life and living. How to make a life out of your living, just for a change and you judge yourself which is better and trust me on this i know which side your gonna end up in. :)

I won't be listing the chemical reactions and disturbances in outer space because that'll be a bit diverting from the actual topic.

So talking about the sacred land, slowly and steadily after Earth's formation there was this wonderful thing that came into being. "Nature". Do i really need to describe anything about our Mother Nature, if yes, then are yourself how and why are you still breathing. Ever thought of it? i think no, isn't it, we've been so "preoccupied" in our lives by pretending to be busy take over by stress, distraction, family, work, age and lots of excuses which we can come up with.

Getting back to the formation of our planet, Continents formed, then broke up and reformed as the surface of Earth reshaped over hundreds of millions of years, occasionally combining to make a supercontinent. Roughly 750 million years ago, the earliest known supercontinent Rodinia, began to break apart. The continents later recombined to form Pannotia which broke apart about 540 million years ago, then finally Pangaea, which broke apart about 180 million years ago. Confusing eh?

Lets make it simpler. The planet was intitially covered with a sheet of ice, being termed as "Snowball Earth". An exposion "Cambrian Explosion" after which multicellular life forms came into being, yes thats right, life finally came to existance.

Since the Cambrian Explosion there have been 5 distinctly identifiable mass extinctions, the last one bringing an end to the Dinosaur era sparing small animals.


Size didn't matter this time and now we know why. I recently came to know from my friend that squirrels are a sacred species. Yes true, came to know about this yesterday by my friend Paige, strange but true. Just image what other secrets are yet to be explored.

Several million years ago, a species of small African "Ape" gained the ability to stand upright, getting the clue right, human existance came into being,  and the development of agriculture and further civilization allowed humans to affect the Earth more rapidly than any previous life form, affecting both the nature and quantity of other organisms as well as global climate.

So this was the shortest summary you can get (by me). Coming to the actually topic now (you'll soon know why i discussed what i wrote above)

A lot happening in the news lately including Gulf oil spill, Tiger killings in India and african cuntries, Killing of stray dogs in Argntina in the name of diseased ones and not only Argentina but many other places too, animal abuse and killing in China / Japan / Russia, Whaling in Japan, Illegal deforestation in parts of U.S and India and everywhere else, and there's plenty more.

Heartning isn't it. No it isn't seriously, ii mean why should i care, i got my own goddamn life to deal with, i got my own concerns, a girlfriend to take out, a family to feed, a boss to report to and running all my life after these things knowing i'll never get satisfied.

Who the hell created money anyway. We Did. and we can ignore it, its just how you actually prioritize things in your life. C'mon give it a thought, ignoring won't help. Maybe you'll get a new vision of your life, one you knew, a relieved mind, a peaceful heart, healthy happy and transparent life.

I am selling you a dream, now its your wish to accept the deal or choose to bargain. Decision is yours. Make it count on yourself.

Thinking? How can you feel relieved in social work, whats the "scope" of social networking, c'mon for once for once in your useless lives try to do somethin without a reason, without any greed, just like that, you'll love it when you make someone smile. There's nothing better than making people happy, even if you make sacrifices, you won't regret it. :)

I come across many people talking about giving path to their lives. Wake up and smeel the coffee guyz, you are not making any path, your just following it.

Nature has gifted you your existence why not make a life out of it. No need to bow infront of it, after all its mother nature right, a mother gives evrything to his child, food, shelter, happiness just everything and forgives on his deeds. Mother Nature is no different. Think about it, i gave example of defforstation above, what does it show.

I promised you the Introduction has something to do with this, and here we are.

When we talk about dinasours existance, their end and reformation of life, have you noticed any resemblence. Nature survived and was reborn.

How can someone destroy its own creator. It happened before and will happen again, Nature will survive throughout. So keep your scientific nuisense aside, it ain't no good.

Lean to live in Peace and harmony, enough of this corruption, politics, killing and everything guyz, don't make a change, be the change.

Like M.J said "If you wanna make the world a better plac, take a look at yourself and make the change"

I am 20 years running, i am not using the word old because my ideas are for real. If i can get this thing clear in my mind, why can't all of you intellectual people out there, brighter than me, more experienced, lots of connections and so much more, just thing what are you good at in this cause.

My Friend wanted to kill those people who slaughter animals, torture, abuse and do everything disgusting. You think any of us doesn't wants to do that, you know i don't care and i don't give damn what people think. i can go and kick em rite now, won't take me time. Trust me on this. but no. we are not them rite. If you want to make an example "be the example" all rite. Use your frustration in the rite direction.

Just image if you washed out all of em what wud you result in an yearly anniversary on your name and soon forgotten. Make your ideas infinite not limited.

I aim to make people follow the right path not a person. 90% people won't even understand why we did this. Its our duty to make them understand. We can dedicate our lives for them but what about when we are not there. We can't let the streak end rite. We need people to follow the footsteps and i don't care even i have lure them into this, feed em up, use their selfishness against them and anything but yes the truth is we need them. the more of them, the easy it gets. think about it.

All i need is you people to start speaking up, next time someone tells you to vote for him, making him beg you for your vote, create an environment that no illegal group even tries to enter any national park, sanctuary near you. You Can cut down the branches of an infected tree but it will rise up again. You need to get to the bottom of it, take it out from the roots, finish it for good. And life will finally have Happy Endings. :)

p.s : the last statement is in no way promoting deforestaion, so don't even think about

You people are smart, make the smart choice, have a wonderful life


The End

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