I often sit down and I wonder why

That I choose to keep living and not to die

The latter would seem to offer welcome relief

 And I ask would it cause my loved ones grief?

So I sit and I question and ask myself "Why?"

I want to be honest and try not to lie

So why do I find it so hard to admit

That although for the most part my life can be s**t

I still seem to grasp at the "what's still to come"

Beacuse all of the past cannot be undone

The bygones are bygones and as hard as they've been

I'm still very curious about things I've not seen

So maybe I'm yellow - a coward at heart

But hey, what the hell it's, a good place to start

Things may even get better - they may even get worse

But if I don't stick around, I can't fill my life's purse

So therefore I'm asking why ask myself "why"?

It's only a choice - so I'll live ... and SOD WHY?!


The End

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