Present in my mind. Always. My mentor.My friend. In a word:Father..


How that word always brings peace to my soul.

You are  with me.

Every day.

Aldough you have died.

What is it know?  12 years?

It feals,like yesterday you where here,but you aren`t.

And trust me I know the diference...

You had a specific smell that it was you.

 Of sandwood,of earthly materials due to  your work and because you where always building something my little carpenter,my dad,my friend.

You would have liked to meet the boys.

The eldest :Micael,is so adult for is age.He is 7 now.

Lucas my youngest,who is 5,so like you,mischieve every time,he holds my laughter...

Mica holds my heart...

They both are my life.

You would have love them so much...

We went everywere togheter.

We know the island well,dont we?

The people,the food,the smiles..

I am your daughter,mum toughth me how to pray and be responsible,you have  taught  me how to love and persevere.

To believe in the human spirit against all odds.

You I love without question.

You I miss every second,the day I die you are the face I want the see.

I will miss the boys when I die ,but I will be happy because I will be with you again.

The End

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