Something like a Me...

A little piece(s) of who I am and what makes me that person.

I am a nerd, a bookworm, a geek,

I am a weirdo, an odd-bod, a freak,

I am ugly and chunky and beautiful too,

I'm a bit of an addict for a thing or two,

Like chocolate, books, even just a hug,

There's nothing better than a good ol' mug

Of cocoa on a cold night, wrapped

In a thick wooly blanket, while I napped.

I love the feeling of being desired,

By a person I adore, my heart as fires,

Or by a university as I get a third offer,

A route to becoming what I want to be, an author.

I help out for charity, give up my time,

I help where I can, form solutions fine.

The best I can be is all I aspire,

And sometimes a friend or stranger inspire,

But I'm no hero, I've had my pain,

I carry on and eventually I shall gain.

The End

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