Has it ever crossed your mind?

Have you ever wondered who was watching? Who was silently studying your every move? Who wasn't there when you spun around expecting to see a man in a raincoat, staring?

Because there is someone.

Or should I say, Something.

And this Something even has a life, just like you and me. One that has a start and an end.

It starts as Something insignificant - a chewed pen lid, a dead battery, an unused set of keys. It then grows, just like a human, with choices to make and pathways to take. But these pathways are different from ours. It singles out one person, from the billions in the world, to attach themselves to. This is you.

Nobody knows exactly what Something is. It could be a wisp of mist, or still a gnawed pen lid. It could be a single musical note or an embarrassing anecdote. But what I do know, from the musty books in the loft, is that it will always be there. Throughout every rise and fall of your complicated life, Something will be watching you. 

Many think of it as a guardian angel of sorts - watching over you, making sure no harm comes to you. Some think of it as fate, destiny, necessity - Something that will decide your fortune for you. 

But they're both wrong.

For we were never meant to know about Something. It was never supposed to be uncovered from it's life of following. Because humans complicate things. We take seemingly harmless secrets and entangle them with figments of our imagination, to make them seem what they're not.

What is Something, you ask? 

Something is nothing. Something is our imagination.

But whether you believe that, is Something new.

The End

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