Someone Worth Fighting.

-Apologies if this is not what you meant, I'm a little confused-

My interpretation of a link between two people - Lucy (Temglin)

The moment when you realise every word which leaves this person disgusts you. When their very voice brings daggers to the front of your mind and with every single little breath they take, you can see these daggers piercing every single part of their body. When the smallest sound from their lips, their stomach, their fingertips, their very being; drives you slowly crazy and the larger sounds - the ones they do on purpose - provoke an anger so intense, so fierce, that you fear not just for their safety but for your own.
When even something so ordinary as a friendly smile crossing their lips forces you to grab your own fist which has clenched at the sight of their dirty smirk.
If this is the way you feel about any one person then you know, in your heart, that there is no way you can stand them. This is the deepest, darkest form of hatred known and yet, in a split second, this hatred can flip round and suddenly you find yourself loving all those things which once made your skin crawl. Love and hate are very close with one and other, it's just a question of perception. 

The End

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