Someone worth fighting for.

A place for your interpretation of the link that binds people together in love or friendship, even hate :D

My interpretation of the link between two people- Charlotte (Stargazer)

When one person is so intune with you that a single smile or glance can create something inexplainable inside of you that will never exist with another being because it is individual and special to you two people, that person is worth fighting for. Do not deny their faults, because everyone has them and you would not be so connected to this person if they were faultless. Accept their faults as part of who the are, and learn to love them with these faults included. If you see them with their faults and these blemishes on their person do not matter to you beyond noticing them, they are a treasure indeed, because you are accepting and loving them for who they are, not who they want to be.


The End

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